You are amazing! Now scale with
Cold Mailing Campaigns

Dangerously effective for agencies and SaaS companies

Highlander Results

Super Interested Leads

People actually want to speak to you about their problems and how you can solve them. No weird, uncomfortable sales calls anymore.

5 - 12 Weekly Meetings

You will get meetings with warm inbound leads. Depending on your pricing we create a sales pipeline value up to 200.000 €.  

Leveraging Cold Calling

We know which companies are interested in your company, even if they haven't replied yet. This data enables your cold calling team to book more meetings.

Beyond Sales:
The Highlander Leverage

A digital Army of Thousands of Sales Warriors

Use the outreach power of a full sales team.

Superior AI Mails

Use the power of an unfair technological advantage. The Highlander Advantage.

Disruptive Technology

Be part of the future.

The Lord of Copies

We create copies that perform. We create meetings with companies, small and big.

The Journey of
Lord Lukas Schotte

Lord title by land ownership in Glen (Scottish Highlands) - Official legal title: Lord of the Glen

High Tech Marketing at Audi

Software development merging into marketing of Audi e-tron GT RS. Marketing budget of nearly 8-figures. Big marketing campaigns with Hollywood actor.

Sales Excellence in SaaS

Outperforming whole international LeadGen Team of 40+ sales reps at Contentsquare. Revolutionized internal omni-channel sales through email, Linkedin and cold calling processes.

Leveraging in Premium Agency

Video marketing agency for premium product brands. Acquisition through email and Linkedin direct marketing. Combined with processes to identify hot leads and cold calling them to double booked meetings. Meetings gone from small to large enterprises (Smilodox, Satisfyer, Jägermeister, SodaStream...)

Associated with real G's

Flying Uwe - Internet celebrity and founder of Smilodox & Neosupps

Jordan Belfort - the real Wolf of Wallstreet

Marc Gebauer - Internet star for exclusive luxury watches

Jack Nasher - Germany's biggest expert in negotiations

Last but not least:
You rock!